One-to-one promotion is not cheap and tiny differences in marketing message can have dramatic affects on response rates. Is it "Buy one Get one Free"? Or is it "Buy 1 get 1 FREE!"? These are the kind of little things that we at GS Media obsess about. We use tools that have been researched and tried for decades to ensure that the marketing message will yield the highest possible response rate, and ultimately, Return on Investment for our clients.

We make sure your distribution is a success.

Income – Using data from RERA, we target homes that have a household income of greater than 20,000 AED ($5,400) per month.

Limited Waste – We work directly with the property manager to get a real time data and which homes are occupied. If the mail is "piling up", our workers know not to deliver there.

Auditing – GS Media audits each delivery at randomly selected areas in any given distribution. Distribution Managers are trained to make sure that each delivery is made to the allocated number of homes.

Permitting – We have excellent relationships with property management companies that require a permit.